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Many people are still of the view that combining schooling with entrepreneurship will amount to trying to stuff both hands in the mouth while eating. They believe that getting involved with any kind of business while in school will deplete academic performances and thereby hindering maximum academic success.

But if you take a good look at the economic situation of the world today, you will come to the realization that there are inherent need for students to get involved in entrepreneurial ventures even while schooling.

Now let’s look at these 7 reasons why you should encourage studentpreneurship

1) Gaining work experience.
There are many entrepreneurial ventures that a student can get involved with while schooling that will not only expand his scope of the labour market but will as well add up to his or her job experience. Most job always require experience and any student than deemed it necessary to gain such experience not matter how while in school will have an edge over others who don’t.

2) Gain extra money.
As a student, there are numerous needs to take care of. Buying of books, laptop, cloths, feeding well and rest of other unavoidable needs a student crave. Now combining schooling and entrepreneurship will provide an added means of making some extra bucks without having to call daddy or mummy.

3) Exposure to the labour market.
As a studentpreneur, you will get exposed to the nitty-gritty  of being in the labour market even before graduation. This will aid you to make appropriate preparation being aware of what to expect when you finally join the labour market in full capacity.

4) Gain financial knowledge.
One of the major knowledge you will need to succeed in life and live a comfortable life is the knowledge of what money is all about. Financial knowledge involves knowing when to spend, what to spend on and how to spend. It also involves knowing how to save, how to invest and what to invest in. Studentpreneurship will give the student a first hand exposure to financial know-how, teaching such a student the consequences of bad spending and bad investment.

5) Invigorate the spirit of being a boss.
Most top business owners with large employees had one or two entrepreneurial exposures while in school. If you doubt me, just google the names of people like Tony Elumelu, Jan Koum, Dele Momodu. Some of them could not even waste more time in school because of the vast opportunities they saw out there.

6) Unlock your talent and capabilities.
You will never find out how wonderfully resourceful you are; how talented you are inside the classroom while schooling. Entrepreneur covers that gap. As a studentpreneur, you will get to see your God-given talent, your capabilities to exploit those talent for the betterment of yourself and the society.

7) Unlock your creative mind.
Schooling will only expose your to the thinking and reasoning of past scholars, while entrepreneurship will enable you develop your own creative mind that will help you create new things and new methods of doing things. The summary therefore is that studentpreneurship will grace you an enabling environment to express your inner self.

Credit: Ken. C. Kama

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